To Juice or not to Juice

To Juice or not to Juice

To Juice or not to Juice

So many people look at you like you have lost your mind when you say you are on a three day juice cleanse. They say things like, “No food?” “Three days?” “Why?” These are all questions you will ask yourself every waking hour while you are on the cleanse.

No Food? -Yep that ‘s right. For three days you do nothing but drink veggie based juices. Try to stay away from adding protein powers or too much fat because you are trying to let your bodies digestion have a rest. You can add fruit to your juice bases like apple and I even tried some pineapple in the mix. You will miss chewing surprisingly and I even found myself clenching my jaw. I pretended to chew my juices once to see if that would help but I felt very unsatisfied with nothing to chew and it was kind of weird.

Three days?- You have to take on the challenge to get through the three days so you can let your digestion rest. One day might be ok to do once a month but three days seasonally can reset cravings and allow your body to rest up so it can spend energy healing your body in areas that you never even knew needed it.

Why?- Well that is a good question. I asked myself that during the three days almost every hour. I did it the first time out of curiosity to see what would happen and got amazing results. I gave up alcohol, caffeine and sugar which let my adrenals have a rest. Weight just fell off me, especially around the mid section. People noticed right away and I loved the compliments, who wouldn’t. The best compliment was that I looked…hold on to your juicer…TEN YEARS younger. ┬áSo back to why…We use 60to 80% of the energy from the stuff we eat back on digesting it, but when we have nothing to digest we get the bonus of this energy to use up in our body. Our body switches to burn fat and toxins, there is more than enough of that to burn. As long as you keep up with the nutrient rich juices your body and mind functions totally fine, a little slower but fine. We can actually get clear on things that are confusing to us like decisions or life changes. I even experience clearer vision and felt an awesome kind of juice high (and it’s legal).


  • Be prepared.
  • Clear your schedule so you have time to rest up a bit. Your energy will fluctuate. And no dinner dates, people won’t understand that you are not eating for 3 days and you could come for dinner but it has to be liquid.
  • Ask for support from your family and loved one. If you like in a household with others let them know what you are doing.
  • Buy organic. You don’t want to be putting crap back into your body.
  • Shake it up with different juice mixes/recipes, your taste buds get bored pretty fast.
  • Practice slower yoga or Restorative yoga while on the cleanse.
  • If it is your first one buy a series from a local company who supplies everything ready made to your door.
  • Buy a good juicer.
  • Be honest with yourself when you ask if this is good time to be doing this.
  • Go to bed early and sleep in.

The moral to this story, to juice or not to juice. I say Juice! Try something new. You will be surprised how much time we spend thinking about our next meal. You will feel free for three days and your body will thank you for it.

xoDavid Good


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  • Ayngelina
    Posted at 04:18h, 03 May

    I have been making green smoothies for a few weeks and love it. I’m now up to 2 cups of spinach a morning. The only reason I don’t juice is that I prefer to eat the fiber and someone told me unless I had digestive issues the smoothies were fine.