David Good believes yoga is a way to discover your hidden potential and find the truth of who you are, on and off the mat.

David discovered yoga in his twenties in Vancouver. What began as an on-again-off-again relationship eventually grew into a life’s practice. After many years of practising with a stiffer body, David discovered the balance between flexibility and strength and how you need both. His passion grew to marry the two into a practice that celebrates all the different bodies that showed up to practice.

David’s classes range in intensity and focus, from vigorous sequencing to supportive restorative work. Offering rich alignment cues and heartfelt humour, David aims to create an inclusive environment that nurtures the soul and leaves students feeling like they’ve learned something about their bodies in the process.

Along with David’s public classes he also offers retreats, private classes, and corporate classes.


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3 May 2016

Recharge & Restore: Fall Yoga Retreat on Shanti Island September 15th to 18th 2016

Every year I am blessed to create a retreat on Wolfe Island at Shanti Retreat Centre.  September 15th to 18th 2016 4 days of yoga, meditation, relaxation and self-discovery. Join us for this special fall retreat to get reconnected with your true self. Come surround yourself with nature on Wolfe Island and leave life in the city behind for a long weekend. Discover how self-compassion, awareness and loving kindness can help us become more fully

14 Dec 2015

Running for Yogis??

I was so honoured to share my two passions with Christine Felstead's Yoga for Runners blog. Read it here. I remember in the past yoga and running didn’t mix, they were like oil and water. Yogis didn’t want to run because they believed they would lose their flexibility and runners didn’t want to do yoga because they thought they would hurt themselves from being too flexible. I was blessed I was already stiff; my path