My Yoga Philosophy

My Yoga Philosophy

What is my Yoga Philosophy?

I can still remember the first time I unrolled a mat in the back of a Karate studio in East Vancouver and Grant, my first teacher opened my mind to YOGA. I have to admit I was not sold the first class but something stuck in my bones and I came back the following week curious.

Curiosity is at the top of list of what keeps me on the mat. Yoga makes me look at myself differently and makes me peel back layers to dig deep into how my body works in space, proprioception. If I ground my big toe and the outside of my heel, I can create an arch in my foot that aligns my knee safely in line with my second toe, all without looking. WOW, now that’s cool!

When the NY Times article about how yoga can wreck your body surfaced it got me thinking about my practice and my teaching. A lot of yoga teachers got upset, posting rebuttals on their Facebook walls claiming the article was creating a negative spin on our sacred practice. The one good thing about the article is, it got me thinking about my responsibility to keep learning and remain open minded. After reading it again I started thinking how we (teachers) are responsible for keeping students SAFE (I used capitals for a reason!)

Teachers are not healers, we facilitate an experience providing tools and a path. Teachers have to continue to educate themselves and have a daily practice, the best teacher is the best student

As students, it is up to you to find an educated teacher, someone who knows what they are talking about. Don’t put your trust in just anyone with a diploma. It is also your responsibility to keep yourself safe, taking ownership for your own practice and body. Find a good teacher and stick with them.

So my yoga philosophy is safety, leaving our egos aside as students and teachers to practice safely so we can keep coming back with the same curiosity that brought us to the mat for the first time.



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  • misfitstudio
    Posted at 22:06h, 11 January

    amen david!
    and what a pleasure it is to practice with you, to listen to you teach and to learn from you
    . . . . . .what yoga is all about!