How do you implement Mindfulness into the school system?

How do you implement Mindfulness into the school system?




How do you implement Mindfulness into the school system?

At a point during the day try a 5 minute quiet time.
Set guidelines about this time.
-How to do it?
-Keep it at the same time each day.
-Stop everything, put down your pencils.
-Sit still and breathe. Eyes open or closed.
-Follow your inhales and exhales.
-Try counting your breaths. Counting gives us something to follow.

Depending on the grade level introduce scientific insight or better yet, add personal insight with guest speakers.
Kids want to know why. They don’t like hearing its just good for them.

Make this their own. Ask how they want to work with it. What words, phrases resonate with them. Let them name it. e.g..Breathing Space, Quiet Club, Peaceful Moment, Zen Time.

Honour the space and practice. Support it.
Stick to, 5-10minutes, same time every day, constancy is key. Make it sacred.
Create a bulletin board to talk about everyone’s experiences. Try journaling.
Keep the dialogue open. There is no wrong way to do it. Everyone has a voice.


On Thursday, March 20th a bunch of yoga teachers and school teachers got together to create a conversation about how to bring meditation, yoga and mindfulness to our school systems. School of Zen was born. 

School of Zen is designed to create a new possibility for the way yoga and meditation live inside your classroom.

Stay tuned for more…we’ve only started. You never know what a group of like minded people can accomplish.


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